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Exceptional Standard Features of the Accurshear Include:

Ultra-heavy frame structure


Highest shearing rating capabilities

World-class bearings

Lowest fixed rake angle

Quality shearing knives

Additional standard features include a 4-edge blade, a power-operated backgauge with pre-select position, a 4 foot squaring arm, a shadow light, adjustable stroke length, plus a variety of hand and foot controls.


Why consider Accurshear?

New Accurshear owners are singularly generous in their praise of this outstanding technological advancement in shearing technology. Accurshear consistently scores "very satisfied" for customer satisfaction, reliability, and on-the-job performance.


Accurshears are heavy, durable machines with low rake angles, and fast cycle times. The Accurshear series includes the precision, ten gauge, six foot shear, that cycles up to 40 full strokes a minute... and a powerful quarter inch by 12 foot shear weighing 21,000 pounds capable of 20 full strokes per minute.


Easy Push Button Controls... for Improved Productivity


All of the Accurshear's control buttons - Stroke control, Stroke counter, and Backgauge selects - are located on a front console. To make it readily accessible, the console is mounted to a swing arm pendant from the side of the Accurshear.

There are three Mode Selects for various shearing applications:

Jog Mode, Manual Mode, and Auto Cycle.

Great Time Saver Accurshear Features

Protractor               Blade Gap Adjustment        Squaring Arms






View Complete Line of Accurshear Models from 10 gauge to 1"


Sizes from 10 gauge to 1/4" - 1/2" to 5/8" - 1"

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