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Pneumatic Sheet Support

A sheet support system is a recommended option for providing an accurate dimension when supporting lighter gauge material parallel with the shear table and gauge bar. Light gauge material will quickly droop once it is pushed very far from the shear knife edge. The drop off piece will not be consistent with the backgauge readout.

Two styles are offered and both simply roll in under the shear ram, and are operated via pneumatic power and an electronic circuit. Either support system can be turned on or off at any time by using the select switch on the control console.

Type A Sheet Support

Type B Sheet Support

Front Support Arms

These are available in 2', 4', and 6' lengths and simply mount to the front of the table. The arms are T-slotted and equipped with disappearing stops for front gauging. A steel ruler reading inch/metric can also be recessed into the arms. For an additional charge, ball transfers may be mounted into the front arms.

Longer Squaring Arm

A longer squaring arm may be required to accurately square larger sheets. 6', 8', 10' and 12' arms are available as an option. Each arm includes a recessed steel rule measuring 1/16" and 1mm increments... plus one adjustable sliding stop.

Squaring Arm Bar

A 2' squaring arm bar (or longer squaring arms) may also be purchased for the opposite end of the table from the standard squaring arm.


The protractor simply bolts to the face of the table and can be positioned anywhere along its length. This versatility greatly assists in accurately cutting specific angles. It also serves as a mobile squaring arm...extending blade life by using full blade length for narrow stock shearing.

Extended Backgauge Travel

A 48" backgauge travel is available as an option in lieu of the 36" travel. The 48" travel is a standard feature on 850014 machines and larger.

High Speed Hydraulics

This system offers approximately 30% higher cycle times than the standard package. Horsepowers and pump volumes increase with this option. This option is not available for the 6135 or 81000 series models.

Powered Blade Clearance Adjustment

A powered blade clearance adjustment can replace the standard manual system. The operator rotates a selector switch on the control console to the desired setting and the ram automatically positions to the requested gauge setting. Powered blade clearance is a standard feature on Accurshear models 850014 and larger.

Ball Transfers

Ball transfers mounted in the table are a standard feature on all Accurshear models 8500 and larger. They assist the movement of heavy materials over the table surface and may be ordered as an option on 6135, 6250 and 6375 series models.

T-slots in Table

T-slots can be machined into the shear table to enable front gauge shearing... or a high quality steel ruler reading in inch/metric increments can be recessed into the table as an added feature.

Independent Holddown Control

This option allows the holddowns to clamp the metal without the ram cycling. This is activated by a switch on the control console.

Holddown Pads

Holddowns can be equipped with urethane pads to eliminate marking of aluminum or other sensitive materials.