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JR Machinery Premium Band Saw Blades

Sterling   Band Saw Blades                                    Download Sterling blade catalog   



Super Weld MX - Bi-Metal Matrix II  design

Made in Chaffee, NY     

SUPER WELD MXsaw blades :


Feature a tough 8% cobalt matrix tool steel edge with a (65-67 RC) tooth hardness. They are available in Constant, Broach, Hook and Posi tooth styles and are an excellent choice for all common metal cutting applications.


The Constant and Broach tooth styles have less aggressive zero rake angles that resist tooth strippage especially on smaller work pieces. The Hook and Posi tooth styles combine an aggressive rake angle for faster cuts and are excellent choices for solid work pieces and larger cross sections of materials.


Diamond Saw Works, Inc. has been manufacturing cost effective Sterling saw bands and small tool blades for use in the industrial market place for over 100 years.  These are high-quality band saw blades that our local customers love for their metal working shops.


Replacement Band Saw Blade Prices:
M42 Bi-Metal Price List for all sizes- coming soon
Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades: Production saw cutting to general purpose sawing, the Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade covers the broadest range of sawing applications and materials.
Other material types & Carbide Tipped Blades Available upon request.