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Scotchman Cold Saws are produced in Philip, South Dakota. They provide clean, straight, burr-free cuts; with easy miters; and safe operation without sparks, heat, or burr. These rugged machines are made to last. They fit a wide range of applications from small job shops to large manufacturing facilities.

Scotchman cold saw video with laser guide system

Scotchman Automatic Cold Saws cut material fast, accurately and clean. Their cold saws feature high-speed steel blades, double clamping, full coolant or mist lubrication systems, dual control of feed pressure and rate: all these features produce high quantities of burr-free, accurate cuts.
The Scotchman HFA Series utilizes an automatic shuttle vise feed system that handles up to 30" in a single stroke and up to 3 strokes is standard.


Scotchman RFA Saw With Touch Screen Controls video


For over 50 years JET has been a top supplier of woodworking, metalworking, material Handling, air tools and workholding products that deliver the the best in quality,service and innovation.



JET SMALL Metal Cutting Saws:

HVBS-7MW, 7"x12" Capacity, 3/4HP, 1Ph, 115/230V


The JET HVBS-7MW is powered by a 3/4 HP motor. 4 large diameter wheels and built-in handle allow easy movement. Each HVBS-7MW comes equipped with a 3/4” carbon steel blade, adjustable material stop and vertical worktable.

JET HVBS-7MW 414459 spec page



The JET CS-275 Manual Coldsaw uses a 275mm blade to cut through solid steel. With 2 cutting speeds, the CS-275 is ideal for cutting pipes and bars.

JET CS-275 Cold Saw 414226 spec page

JET 7" and 8-3/4" Zip Miter Bandsaw

414464 & 414467

Adjustable hydraulic feed system

Eccentric shaft ball bearings

Heavy duty cast iron saw head and sturdy base

Mitering capability to 60°

Convenient control panel

JET 7" ZIP Miter Saw 414464 & 414467


  Everett Abrasive Chop Saws


Everett Industries, an abrasive cut-off machine and wheel manufacturer since 1962, is known for manufacturing abrasive cutoff saws and wheels that perform the best, last the longest and provide the most value on the market today.
Everett offers a wide variety of cutoff saws and wheels for many applications. Wet saws are used for cutting many types of metal. Dry cutting machines are used for cutting non-metal materials such as hydraulic hoses or metal cutting such as wire rope. Our Chop Saws or abrasive metal saws are for metal cutting, steel cutting and range from 8" to 26" saw models.

If your product is within a 7" diameter circle, Everett chop saws can cut it. Everett saws can cut most all steels and metals.

Dry Cutting: 8" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Machines

Complete with 3 HP TEFC motor and vise

Fast, Low Cost Cutting of Hardened Tool Steel, Drills, Reamers,
Bars, Pipe, Angle Iron, Tubing, Flat Stock & Rod.

Capacity: 1" Solid. 1.5" Pipe

8" Product page - Pdf - Everett 080020

Dry Cutting: 12" Dry Abrasive Mitering Machines

Complete with 5 HP TEFC motor, magnetic starter with 110 volt at the pushbuttons, manually operated vise

Capacity: 1.75" solid • 3" pipe • 45°—2.25" Most Shapes

Cutting Head can swivel 45°left of center. Indicators for 15°, 30°,
and 45°. Cutting head and pedestal are mounted on a rugged swing
arm secured in lubricated-for-life bearings. Lock to hold desired
angle is quick and easy to operate.

12" Everett Dry Abrasive mitering page - 120133

Dry Cutting: 14"-16" Dry Abrasive Cutoff Machines

Complete with 7 1/2 or 10 HP TEFC motor, magnetic starter with
110 volt at the pushbuttons, steel stand, “V” vise

Capacity: 2" solid. Most 5" shapes

14" Everett Dry Abrasive Cut-off page - 160042