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Whether the Steelmaster is to be integrated within a FMS (flexible manufacturing system), or simply to be used in your deburring area, you can be assured of high quality results for years to come.

 All Steelmaster machines are designed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.




Various combinations of belt and brush heads are available to achieve optimum results in deburring and fine finishing.


  Using the Steelmaster Rival for the deburring of flame-cut parts not only eliminates this labor intensive job, but also makes this operation faster, cleaner and safer.




Bütfering builds a variety of full sheet finishing machines manufactured to provide the highest quality finish on the market. Bütfering's sheet finishing line integrates into a single machine frame that, at one time, required multiple stand-alone machines.

KBM was founded in 1998 in Allendorf/Eder, Germany. KBM specializes in the manufacturing of sanding and brushing machines and brushing/polishing/foil-coating machines for processing and sealing single rolled sheets.


AM Machinery Stroke Sanders: Using the double working-platform, the SG is able to grind every side of any shaped work piece. Both short and long scratches may be created with ease. It is ideally suited for exterior surface treatment of formed boxes and cabinets.


 Kuhlmeyer - Metal Finish: Edge and Bevel Grinding Machines eliminate manual labor for seam preparation prior to welding! Our Universal Edge and Bevelling Machines are equipped with a rigid machine table and with powerful pneumatic clamps to fix the work pieces on the table. Parts in a large variety of shapes or sizes can be processed on these machines.  
 AM Machinery Sales NS Tube Grinder: Straight tubes? Bent tubes? No problem for this machine. Putting a finish on your tubes has never been so easy. The NS Tube Grinder was designed with the smaller shop in mind. Itâs simplicity makes it easy to use. Variable belt and speed feed rates make this machine capable of many different finishes. From 60 grit to Scotch Brite Belts, the Tube Grinder is designed to meet your specifications, perfect for your tube finishing needs.