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Internationally Recognized as a Global Leader in Metal  Sawing Solutions:


VCS20VSD contouring band saw: heavy-duty, vertical contour-style saws are multi-purpose to cut a large range of materials – from steel to aluminum, to wood, plastics, rubber, and everything in between!

PH261 manual band saw : heavy-duty saw head miters 60° left, 8 7/8" round hollow capacity at 90°, 0.7 - 1.5 HP motor, and 1" blade, the PH261 offers precision, speed, and versatility for all your light production needs. Electric coolant pump, wire chip brush


DM-10 mitering bandsaw:


2-2.5HP Blade Drive, 1” Blade, 2 Speed Drive, Double Miter - 60º left & 45º right, Powered Chip Brush, Coolant Pump, Gravity Feed, Dual Blade Speed Selector.



P350 Pivot Arm cold saw:


1.5/3 HP Motor, 14” Blade, 2 Speeds (30 & 60 rpm), IP 55 control handle, Miter - 45º right & left, Adjustable Front Vise with Anti-Burr Clamp, Material support with roller, Submergable Coolant Pump (flood coolant), ships with one blade.

FOB: Conway, AR Some in Stock, subject to prior sales- check for availability


Check out the new:

DM-1318P Double Mitering

Semi-Automatic Band Saw

Double Mitering on both sides 60º to 60º






Manually positioned Easy Swing head frame. Precise positioning from 60º left to 60º right with easy to read angle scale and is equipped with stops at 90o, 45o, and 60o




HYD-MECH Line of Horizontal & Vertical Band Saws 

Double-miter / PH Machines

The DM-Series might be the smallest saws in the Hyd·Mech line-up, but there is nothing lightweight about these compact double-miter saws. Built with the same rugged and tough tradition as the bigger machines, the new DM saws offer all the Rock Solid performance benefits you’ve come to expect. The line-up features manual machines with mitering capability up to 60º, left and right.






Scissors Saws

The S-Series Saws were the first-ever saws in the industry to incorporate swing- head capability. These versatile, scissors-style machines are designed for multiple light/medium duty applications and are ideal for use in tight working spaces. The line-up features manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic models with mitering capability from 90 to 30 degrees.

Horizontal / Guillotine

The H-Series saws are highly-versatile, guillotine-style machines

designed to provide exceptional straight cutting capability in multi-shift, high production environments. The line-up features semi-automatic and fully-automatic models with cutting capacity of up to 80".

Watch Video on H10A Machine


Vertical Tilt-Head
The V-Series Saws are heavy-duty vertical tilt-head frame machines with the flexibility to miter up to 45º left or right. These machines are designed for round-the-clock operation. The line-up features semi-automatic and fully-automatic models with cutting capacity of up to 30".
Hyd-Mech recently introduced the V-25APC - Vertical Automatic Band Saw. Large 30"H x 25"W capacity with 60" shuttle infeed system, 1-1/2" blade and 10 HP blade drive. The V-25APC stands apart from the competition. 60 degree two-way automatic mitering.
Vertical Contour

Hyd-Mech VCS-Series are heavy-duty vertical contour-style saws. Designed with the flexibility to cut tight radius sections or larger cut-off sections, VCS saws are multiple purpose saws which can not only cut steel, but also, aluminum, wood, plastics, glass and rubber.

Cold Saws

Hyd-Mech now offers a complete line of quality Circular (Cold) Saw solutions.

Cutting with a rigid HSS circular blade, Cold Sawing provides, clean, straight and accurate cutting of most metal applications, both Ferrous and Non-Ferrous. The line-up features manual, automatic, semi-automatic models with mitering capacity from 90º, 45º right or left, 60º left, and 45º tilted head.

Custom Products/ Material Handling: Hyd-Mech offers its customers a wide range of innovative solutions for material handling as well as custom designed Rock Solid sawing solutions.