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The Industry Leader in Retrofitting Pressbrakes and Shears

CNC backgauge retrofits for Press brakes:

Automec manufactures and sells CNC gauging systems primarily for the Metal Fabrication Industry. The positioning systems consist of a programmable control and a motorized gauging mechanism that automatically moves through a series of programmed dimensions.

Click on photo for demonstration of control & backgauge for retrofit





Programmable CNC control for feeding shears:

The PS 50 Autofeed is a programmable feeding device for shears. It grips the workpiece with pneumatic fingers, feeds the piece into the shear with precision movements and fires the shear when in position. The common

application is reshearing multiple patterns created on a CNC punch but it can also be used for cutting strips of material.

Click on the photo for a video on the demonstration of the PS 50 Autofeed





Programmable backstop for saws, punches, ironworkers:

We have found that the most popular application for the Easygage is when it is used as a simple backstop while feeding material from the opposite side of the saw or punch - allows for shorter length.


Click on photo to view the demonstration of the Easy Gauge

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Squaring Shear Conveyors, Stackers and Sheet Support Custom Fabrication & Design


Squaring Shear Conveyors

  • Gives safer working conditions around the shear for operators.
  • Eliminates production slow down due to fatigue of workers.
  • Backgage damage is eliminated.


Squaring shear productivity analysis PDF



Aiding productivity by making the operator's job easier. The time that passes between the cutting of material and removing it from the shear can account for as much as 65 percent of the shearing operation.


Safety is a major concern. By adding material handling equipment, the risk of injury in the workplace can be reduced with the added benefit of increased production output.





Press Brake Work Support

The Met-Fab Press Brake Work Support System offers many advantages to your press brake:

  • Increase efficiency and production
  • Significantly reduce labor input

  • Eliminate crane time when forming heavy pieces of material
  • Parts spoilage due to back bending is eliminated
  • Operator skill requirements are reduced
  • Safety is appreciably improved


  • Only recommended use on Hydraulic Press Brakes

The Work Support arms/table follow the long flange of the work piece thru the entire forming cycle-UP and DOWN. A smooth, fast response Hydraulic System operates the arms. With the Work Support in the down position, it serves as a table to aid in positioning the work piece prior to forming. The unit is on heavy duty casters and can easily be moved out of the way with the use of Quick-release pin type assemblies to attach unit to brake.


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