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The fastest and most accurate form of flat part inspection available today. Scan your parts to develop:


  • First article inspections

  • Compare to DXF files
  • Reverse engineer

  • Develop SPC reports



We can improve your quality, reduce


 your scrap and re-work



and improve your customer


satisfaction with our advanced,



rapid, 2D-laser quality inspection solution.




Virtek is changing the way parts are inspected — right on the shop floor, in the flat, before value is added to the part.


There are numerous variables that can contribute to a failed flat part — the wrong tool, programming errors, incorrect gas mix and many more.


 By inspecting the first piece of a production run, costly rework becomes a thing of the past.


Increased Throughput and Quality


LaserQC quickly performs flat part inspection — next to your CNC equipment. The operator simply places a part on the scan table and clicks on the Scan icon.


As the laser scans the part, the outline appears in real time on the computer screen. In seconds the scanned part can be automatically compared to the corresponding CAD file with any variances outside pre-set tolerances highlighted in color. If required, LaserQC can even automatically create detailed inspection documentation for your external customers or your own internal quality process.


Laser QC enables you to: 

             Pinpoint errors before they cost to reduce scrap and re-work and increase profitability

             Eliminate quality control bottlenecks and reduce production machine downtime

             Shorten delivery times to meet tight customer demands

             Win new business by offering full inspection reports or even a reverse engineering service

             Improve your quality process with quick, random or 100% inspections and the system's statistical process control (SPC) capability


Easy to Use and Shop-Floor Friendly:


The easy-to-use LaserQC system is designed specifically for a manufacturing environment. The software is easy to learn and your operators will be become proficient with less than one day of training.


This shop-floor friendly system self-calibrates before each scan to ensure repeatable accuracy. And, since LaserQC controls the laser from a stationary position, it offers a reliable, low-maintenance solution that can operate almost anywhere in your plant.   


Key features include:


             Easy-to-use, industry-focused applications software

             Accuracy to +/- 0.05mm (0.002")

             Ability to scan oversize parts with fast, simple merge feature

             On demand, advanced inspection reports that comply with ISO and QS requirements

             Compatibility with .dxf, .dwg and .igs CAD file formats

             Ability to take any complex measurement quickly and easily



JR Machinery is proud to distribute Virtek QC parts inspection machines throughout the WNY region.










The Virtek LaserQC system is a non-contact, highly accurate part inspection system used for first article inspections and reverse engineering. It is accurate to within 0.05mm (0.002 inches).



The system automatically creates a detailed, color-coded inspection report of the scanned part, including CAD data variances to meet requirements for ISO, TQM, Six Sigma, Lean and QS reporting. 




The Virtek LaserQC is a simple laser measuring system to accurately make part verification right on the shop floor.